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Engaged Couples

• Prepare for a Strong Foundation
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• Enhance Your Bond

Long-Time Couples

• Reignite the Spark
• Renew Your Connection
• Enhance Relationship Quality

Newly Weds

• Build a Lasting Partnership
• Create a Harmonious Home
• Revitalize Your Relationship

Attend our upcoming Masterclass on July 30th to understand your Dynamics as a Couple

Starts on July 30th

Time 7:00 PM-9:00 PM

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What will change in your Relationships

Empower and Transform Your Love Life with

Keep the spark alive in Your Relationship by

Sharing your thoughts and feelings without fear of judgment

Navigating disagreements with respect and understanding

Maintaining transparency and honesty in all aspects of your relationship

Showing love and affection through words, actions, and physical touch, keeping the romance alive

Spending quality time together, engaging in activities you both enjoy and creating lasting memories

Creating a sense of unity and partnership, where both partners feel a strong sense of belonging and togetherness

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Maintaining a Healthy




Exclusive webinars and live Q&A sessions in the community

This Masterclass is perfectly suitable for You if You want to achieve

Meet Your Coach Jeena S Girilal

As a psychologist, I am a highly empathetic and insightful individual who possesses a deep understanding of the human mind and behaviour. With my expertise, I am dedicated to helping individuals navigate through their emotional challenges, providing them with effective coping strategies, and fostering personal growth and development.

As a teacher with 20 years of experience, I have a wealth of knowledge and a passion for education. My dedication to teaching is evident in the positive impact I have had on countless students over the years. My teaching style is inclusive and compassionate, recognizing the unique needs and strengths of each student.

Overall, I embody a wonderful combination of professional expertise, maternal love, and teaching excellence, positively impacting the lives of those around me in multiple roles. My dedication to understanding and empowering others makes me a truly inspiring individual.

I am on a mission to destigmatize Mental Health.
You Can speak to me in English, Hindi, Malayalam, Bengali and Assamese. Can understand Tamil and Gujarathi 

7+ years of experience as a Psychologist

Healed more than 1000+ individuals

Understands & Speaks Multiple Languages

You can speak to me in English, Hindi, Malayalam, Bengali and Assamese. Can understand Tamil and Gujarathi 

Jeena Girilal

At Mindgrafts, we transform couples’ lives globally by fostering love, understanding, and respect. Our mission is to empower 10,000 couples to build harmonious and resilient relationships. Through expert guidance, innovative resources, and compassionate support, we help couples navigate challenges and achieve lasting happiness. Together, we create a world where every couple can thrive and experience true partnership.


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I recently sought counseling with Jeena after experiencing the huge loss in my life, and I can't express enough how grateful I am for her support during such a challenging time. Jeena's compassionate approach and expertise truly helped me navigate through my grief and find ways to cope and heal. Her guidance provided me with the strength and clarity I needed to overcome my pain and move forward with hope and resilience. I highly recommend Jeena to anyone seeking compassionate and effective counseling support. Thank you, Jeena, for being a beacon of light during my darkest days.
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Had 5 sessions with Jeena for stress issues and she was really helpful. In first couple of sessions, she understood my situations, mindset and challenges and later provided actionable tools. It helped me cop-up with situation and make long term peace. Thanks a lot.
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Had 6-7 session with Jeena mam , was in my worst crisis of life but the guidance and motivation from her helped me navigate through the same. The process is still on just one hope things definitely changes with time. Wish you all the best Jeena mam for the work you have been doing !!!
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I was never believing in therapy but she just made me look at my strengths and made me powerful back by her words and awaken my dreams back into my life by motivational words.. Thanks a lot Jeena for creating me a safe room to expel my deep thoughts out which were stuck n traumatised me. Thanks for bringing back me to me and teaching me self love again ❤️
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Jeena mam is one the wonderful person and genuine by heart and the knowledge she has is of certain level which provide and can help you coming out of your difficult emotional and life issues .She has patience and knowledge both and she can guide you spiritual and all emotional level .She is very intelligent and superb at her profession and any one can blindly trust her in case of any life situations . Thankyou
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Jeena Ma'am is an active listener. Her counselling has built confidence in me and her techniques has helped me a lot to overcome all my issues and become more stronger. Thank you so much Jeena Ma'am!!
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Took sessions with Jeena for 6 weeks. Jeena was very helpful in suggesting ways for me to deal with things I was going through. She was very professional and balanced. Se was always on time and gave her full attention to the sessions.
Medha Makhija Gurbaxani
Medha Makhija Gurbaxani
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Jeena is a great counsellor and I cannot recommend her enough.
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Her sessions were great ! She helped me identify my strengths as well ❤️
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She is a great at what she does. She can understand and guage us well and brings in right perspectives.

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